The sun has barely reached the sky and the mist still lingers on

I've seized to ask the heavens why, 'cause their silence is too loud.

Our walls are falling, fields are calling. We're played by their hand.

We lay our bodies down to show where they stand.

They try to show me what I am and what I'll never be.

I keep low I keep small, keep running from them all

The fragrance of yesterday still lingers in my mind

I fight this vanity to save my sanity, I'll hold you one more time.

Can you see what I become? I'm a stranger in my mind

You're not the man I used to know. You left him behind.

I fought for this but this is fought and over for some time.

I longed for something that is gone, you're a stranger in my mind.

The pain remains wherever I go and streets are changing tide

People wash me away and people pass me by. I'm a stranger in my town,

Not the one you used to know. Good things will never last.

I should have known.