Royal Arms

We’ve always been together but tonight I sail alone

This love will last forever but tonight I’m on my own.

We’re drinking beers and shouting at the bar that brings us hope

This night we sing together:

Let’s bring the bastards home.

So the streets are filling up and the people gather ‘round

All the whiskey, beer and cigarettes, there’s no one to stop us now

We always stand our ground and you’ll always hear us shout

You’re welcome to our streets

We bring the bastards down.

At the Royal Arms, the place you wanna be

You can drink you can shout, even fight out in the street

Here we know your namne, and drinking is no shame

And it’s all the same every single day.

The ones that always tell you

You’re too old for telling jokes

They know nothing about freedom

Or the place that we call home

So bring our shit together

Try to listen to this song

We always sing together:

Let’s bring the bastards home

At the Royal Arms...

So the night is almost over

And the boys are on their own

Tonight will be remembered

As we fought to find a friend

Someone to hear our voices

And hold us to the ground

‘cause nothing lasts forever

Let’s bring the bastards down.

At the Royal Arms...

‘cause tonight we’ve been drinking at The Royal Arms.